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Deploy your Hyas Site to GitLab Pages

You can use GitLab Pages to host a Hyas site for your GitLab projects, groups, or user account.

How to deploy

Follow the instructions below to deploy your Hyas site to GitLab pages.

  1. Create a file called .gitlab-ci.yml in the root of your project with the content below. This will build and deploy your site whenever you make changes to your content:

    # The Docker image that will be used to build your app
    image: node:lts
    # Functions that should be executed before the build script is run
    - npm ci
    - npm run build
    # The folder that contains the files to be exposed at the Page URL
    - public
    # This ensures that only pushes to the default branch will trigger
    # a pages deploy
  2. On GitLab, go to your repository’s Deploy tab and find the Pages section.

  3. Copy the Access pages URL and paste it as baseurl in ./config/production/hugo.toml.

  4. Set canonifyURLs = true in ./config/production/hugo.toml.

  5. Push the changes to GitLab.

That’s it. After a minute or so, you site is avaliable at the Access pages URL.

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