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Use a CMS with Hyas

Ready to connect a Headless CMS to your Hyas project? Follow one of our guides to integrate a CMS.

CMS Guides

Why use a CMS?

A Content Management System lets you write content and manage assets outside of your Hyas project.

This unlocks new features for working with content. Most CMSes give you a visual content editor, the ability to specify standard types of content, and a way to collaborate with others.

A CMS can be useful for content that follows a particular structure, often giving you a dashboard-like experience and WYSIWYG editing tools. You might use a CMS to write blog posts using a CMS’s rich text editor instead of Markdown files. Or you might use a CMS to maintain product listings for an eCommerce shop, making certain fields required to avoid incomplete listings.

Your Hyas project can then fetch your content from your CMS and display it, wherever and however you want on your site.

Which CMSes work well with Hyas?

Because Hyas takes care of the presentation of your content, you’ll want to choose a headless CMS, like those in the list above. This means that the CMS helps you write your content, but doesn’t generate a site that displays it. Instead, you fetch the content data and use in your Hyas project.

Can I use Hyas without a CMS?

Yes! Hyas provides built-in ways to author content, including support for Markdown pages.