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Here’s how a Hyas project configuration is organized, and the configuration files you will find in your new project.

Example Project Configuration Tree

A common Hyas project configuration directory might look like this:

  • Directoryconfig
    • Directory_default
      • hugo.toml
      • markup.toml
      • menus.toml
      • module.toml
      • params.toml
    • Directorynext
      • hugo.toml
      • params.toml
    • Directoryproduction
      • hugo.toml
      • params.toml
  • babel.config.js
  • postcss.config.js


The hugo.toml file includes Hugo configuration options for your Hyas project. Here you can specify taxonomies to use, build options, server options, and more.


The markup.toml file is where you configure rendering of markup to HTML.


The menus.toml file is where you define menu entries.


The module.toml file specifies the Hugo mounts, logically linking node_modules directories to component folders (ex: assets, layouts) — making Hyas Integrations available in your Hyas project.


The params.toml file is where you set Hyas configuration options like e.g. options for themes and integrations.


Overrides for your next environment.


Overrides for your production environment.


The babel.config.js file is where you configure Babel. Hyas supports processing JavaScript files with Babel.


The postcss.config.js file is where you configure PostCSS. Hyas uses PostCSS to add vendor prefixes to CSS rules using Autoprefixer and to remove unused CSS from your project using PurgeCSS.

Hugo documentation

Hyas leverages Hugo’s configuration. Here are some relevant topics: