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Getting Started

What is Hyas?

Hyas is a Node.js web framework for building fast, security-focused websites.

Key features

  • Hugo powered: Fast website build times and flexible project organization.
  • Fully npm managed: Straightforward and easy dependency management.
  • Production-ready: Optimized for speed, SEO, and security.
  • Customizable: Tailwind, Images, and other integrations to choose from.
  • Development tools: Find and fix problems in scripts, styles, and markdown.
  • Deploy anywhere: Deployment guides to different deployment services.

Check out our detailed Why Hyas breakdown to learn more about what makes Hyas special. ✨

Try Hyas in your browser

Visit and choose from a variety of templates to get started. Play around with a full, working version of Hyas right in your browser!

Start your first project

Get a new Hyas project up and running locally with our helpful create-hyas CLI wizard!

Terminal window
npm create hyas@latest

Our Installation Guide has full, step-by-step instructions for installing Hyas using our CLI wizard, creating a new project from an existing Hyas GitHub repository, and for installing Hyas manually.

Learn Hyas

See examples of some of the key concepts and patterns of a Hyas site!

Extend Hyas

… see our guide to using integrations.

Join our community

Join us in Hyas Discussions to share with and get help from an active, friendly community!

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