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Editor Setup

Customize your code editor to improve the Hyas developer experience and unlock new features.

VS Code

VS Code is a popular code editor for web developers, built by Microsoft. The VS Code engine also powers popular in-browser code editors like GitHub Codespaces and Gitpod.

Hyas works with any code editor. However, VS Code is our recommended editor for Hyas projects together with the following extensions:

In-Browser Editors

In addition to local editors, Hyas also runs well on in-browser hosted editors, including:

  • — available to everyone for free on
  • Gitpod — isolated cloud development environments with your favorite editor.

Not yet supported

  • StackBlitz — write, run, and debug frontend code directly in your browser.
  • CodeSandbox — 24/7 collaborative cloud development environments (CDEs) that resume in 2 seconds.

Other tools


Prettier is a popular formatter for JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and more. Hyas includes Prettier and a format command that runs prettier **/** -w -c. You can customize the Hyas defaults for Prettier by updating the .prettierrc.yaml and .prettierignore files in your project root.

Terminal window
npm run format