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Deploy your Hyas Site to GitHub Pages

You can use GitHub Pages to host a Hyas website directly from a repository on

How to deploy

You can deploy a Hyas site to GitHub Pages by using GitHub Actions to automatically build and deploy your site. To do this, your source code must be hosted on GitHub.

Follow the instructions below to deploy your Hyas site to GitHub pages.

  1. Create a new file in your project at .github/workflows/deploy.yml and paste in the YAML below.

    # Sample workflow for building and deploying a Hyas site to GitHub Pages
    name: Deploy Hyas site to Pages
    # Runs on pushes targeting the default branch
    - main
    # Allows you to run this workflow manually from the Actions tab
    # Sets permissions of the GITHUB_TOKEN to allow deployment to GitHub Pages
    contents: read
    pages: write
    id-token: write
    # Allow only one concurrent deployment, skipping runs queued between the run in-progress and latest queued.
    # However, do NOT cancel in-progress runs as we want to allow these production deployments to complete.
    group: "pages"
    cancel-in-progress: false
    # Default to bash
    shell: bash
    # Build job
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    HUGO_VERSION: 0.126.0
    - name: Install Hugo CLI
    run: |
    wget -O ${{ runner.temp }}/hugo.deb${HUGO_VERSION}/hugo_extended_${HUGO_VERSION}_linux-amd64.deb \
    && sudo dpkg -i ${{ runner.temp }}/hugo.deb
    - name: Install Dart Sass
    run: sudo snap install dart-sass
    - name: Checkout
    uses: actions/checkout@v4
    submodules: recursive
    fetch-depth: 0
    - name: Setup Node.js
    uses: actions/setup-node@v4
    node-version: '20'
    cache: 'npm'
    - name: Setup Pages
    id: pages
    uses: actions/configure-pages@v4
    - name: Install dependencies
    run: "[[ -f package-lock.json || -f npm-shrinkwrap.json ]] && npm ci || true"
    - name: Build production website
    # For maximum backward compatibility with Hugo modules
    HUGO_ENVIRONMENT: production
    HUGO_ENV: production
    TZ: America/Los_Angeles
    run: |
    npm run build \
    -- \
    --baseURL "${{ steps.pages.outputs.base_url }}/"
    - name: Upload artifact
    uses: actions/upload-pages-artifact@v3
    path: ./public
    # Deployment job
    name: github-pages
    url: ${{ steps.deployment.outputs.page_url }}
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    needs: build
    - name: Deploy to GitHub Pages
    id: deployment
    uses: actions/deploy-pages@v4
  2. On GitHub, go to your repository’s Settings tab and find the Pages section of the settings.

  3. Choose GitHub Actions as the Source of your site.

  4. Commit the new workflow file and push it to GitHub.

  5. Copy the Your site is published at URL and paste it as baseurl in ./config/production/hugo.toml.

  6. Push the changes to GitHub and wait for the action to finish succesfully (after approximately 30 seconds).

That’s it. After a minute or so, you site is avaliable at the Your site is published at URL. When you push changes to your Hyas project’s repository, the GitHub Action will automatically deploy them for you.

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