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Site Generator

Hyas is a Node.js web framework (not a Hugo framework) that makes use of Hugo as a site generator for it’s fast website build times and flexible project organization. Hyas installs Hugo locally in your project and mounts Hyas Integrations and Hyas Themes into Hugo’s virtual filesystem.

Hugo as a dependency

Hyas adheres as much as possible to The Twelve-Factor App methodology, and uses npm to explicitly declare and isolate dependencies — including Hugo.

By installing Hugo locally in your project, your project users will always use the same Hugo version (“It also works for me!”). A local install also guarantees that you and your project users will always use a Hugo version that works with (is tested for) a specific version of Hyas.

Hugo’s virtual filesystem

Hyas Integrations and Hyas Themes are installed as npm modules in the node_modules directory of your project. Hyas mounts the relevant node_modules directories to one of Hugo’s corresponding component folders, so that they’re available to Hugo for processing.